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21 - 510 - 1993

Anonymous asked: my biggest kink is breast worship, but idk how i could perform that without making my partner feel objectified :(

just be upfront with them, having yr boobs squeezed is only second best to getting yr ass grabbed during a hot make out so i’m sure they wouldn’t mind :)

tribeslaughter asked: Can I do lines off your vag?


Anonymous asked: Really tho they're dead and gone what's it matter what you do in a graveyard. It's just a landfill for corpses. What's the worst thing you've done in a graveyard tho

:-/ had sex multiple times, peed (not on a tomb stone tho) & snorted lines off of a headstone (RIP Graves, that was the family name)

Anonymous asked: why would you go to a cemetery and take a photograph with somebody's relative? Like you don't know them at all, so don't pose with their headstone. What happened to being respectful to the dead and why did it become so edgy for young adults to disturb graves?

lol its funny u say that becauae lbr thats not even the worst thing i’ve done in a grave yard cmon now

disrandomshit asked: You need to let me touch